How “Vegan” Is Vegan?

I am sometimes asked if I ever cheat on my vegan diet. Of course I do; it is nearly impossible to be 100% vegan 100% of the time. ********* There are animal products in the vast majority of things humans eat and wear. My goal is to be as close to 100% vegan as I

How Can We Fight For Real Food?

How can we stand against a genetically modified industrial and political food complex? ********* I posted a snarky comment on FaceBook that sparked discussion about how to fight for real food. My friend Sharon was kind enough to ask what I think we can do about the situation. Here is what I think: There are lots of

How Do Vegans Get Enough Vitamins?

When I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle, one of the first concerns I read about was vegans not getting enough vitamins--protein, B-12, iron, etc... There are many variations of the How do you get your protein? question. ********* Let me put the basic fears to rest first: there is not a single vitamin, mineral, or