The King And I Would Not Hurt A Fly.

How would roads look if we built them with other animals and ecology in mind? Would they maybe have 3 or 4 foot walls to deter animals like deer, squirrels, woodchucks, dogs, and cats from straying into traffic?


I saw a dead deer on the side of the road as I drove home today. It had obviously been hit while crossing the road. I drive a lot for work and, sadly, I see a lot of roadkill.

The thing is, we do not give much thought to our impact on the world, and yet we are the default caretakers of both the environment and the animal kingdom. We are top of the food chain whether we chose to be or not, and we are the only ones with the power and foresight to take care of our planet and its inhabitants, including ourselves. It seems like this should weigh on us more than it does.

I am a firm supporter of progress, science, and taking control of our destiny, but it makes me sad when we build, dominate, or renovate with blatant disregard for our fellow creatures and fauna. It is not only an abdication of our responsibility as kings over this planet, but it is also an offense to our own minds and creativity. It is a choice to ignore the faculty of thought, planning, and foresight–the very utility that gives us dominion over the rest of the world.

Think about what small steps you can take to care for your world and the creatures you are responsible for (whether you chose to be or not). As the default king of the Animal Kingdom, what kind of ruler do you wish to be remembered as? Ruthless and merciless (because that has always worked well for kings in the past…) or honorable and merciful?

In every moment of our lives, we have the potential to be Hitler or Gandhi to the rest of the world. Choose.


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