Now We’re Cooking!

Part of my family is very traditional--the women do the cooking, child-rearing, and cleaning (and they work full-time jobs) while the men sit around and… I don't know, watch news or yell at each other, mostly. ********* Anyway, I hate cooking. I'm proficient at it; I can make a good meal; I just don't like the

Why You Should Order Dessert First

Keeping in line with yesterday's post, I never hesitate to order dessert first when I go out to eat. ********* I enjoy the reaction of the wait staff, foremost. Sometimes I get a quizzical look, sometimes the server seems annoyed, and sometimes they are totally on-board and will say something like, You're my kind of eater! I

Dessert Is Not Just For Dessert!

I love sweets and I love having dessert every night. The only problem is, stupid dessert makes me fat! ********* What I remembered today is dessert does not have to be an overloaded sugar-bomb. A great way to finish a meal this time of year is with some fresh, sweet corn-on-the-cob. If made right, sweet corn