Banana Whipped

Listen to your body, even when something sounds delicious. ********* One of my favorite desserts is a blended concoction of frozen bananas, vanilla, and peanut butter covered in a light drizzle of vegan chocolate. When run through our Vitamix (a high-powered blender), it comes out having the consistency of ice cream. The problem is it is

Why You Should Eat Dessert First

Sometimes we live backwards. I don't know why. ********* I like dessert. Too much, probably. I am probably known at a few restaurants as the guy that always orders dessert first. Enjoying dessert before the main course is the logical way to enjoy a meal if you ask me. We spend too much time living backwards

How to Eat Like a King!!

Being vegan has its perks. You enjoy the best food at the most unusual places with the highest quality. Ever seen a vegan McDonald's? Exactly. ********* I never thought I would be able to live without meat, cheese, and butter. Being vegan, though, has been one of the best and longest-lasting commitments I have made with myself.

How to Listen to Your Body

How do you know if you should eat one more bite of that pie or push yourself for one more rep with the barbells? ********* Many of us struggle with knowing when too much is too much, whether it is with our eating habits, exercise habits, or even sexual habits. I think for many of us

The 5-Ingredient Meal

Use this trick to simplify your at-home meals... ********* I enjoy thinking of new ways to embrace minimalism and live a simpler yet more robust life. Something Nicole and I have been trying lately and having some success with is 5-Ingredient meals. I like to cook but I do not have much patience for the prep work and

Eating Out Versus Eating In

I have learned many times that when you are single or a couple, there is not much difference in cost between eating out every night or staying in and making your own meals. ********* Eating out is expensive, especially for families. For single people and couples, however, it is sometimes the lesser of two evils. The problem