Banana Whipped

Listen to your body, even when something sounds delicious.


One of my favorite desserts is a blended concoction of frozen bananas, vanilla, and peanut butter covered in a light drizzle of vegan chocolate. When run through our Vitamix (a high-powered blender), it comes out having the consistency of ice cream. The problem is it is so good I sometimes have a hard time turning it away, even when I know I should. I love food and I tend to overeat, especially when there is a delicious (even if somewhat healthy) dessert in front of me.

Of course, when I overeat, I usually regret it shortly after when it is obviously too late to make a better decision. I will feel bloated, lethargic, and emotionally depressed.

What I have learned is my body usually warns me when I am about to eat too much but I do not listen very well. When I am full, I feel full. I am socially trained, however, to continue eating until I am no longer enjoying each bite. A meal becomes a competitive sport against myself and when I win, I really lose. I have begun making it a habit to leave food on my plate, stop eating when I am not feeling hungry (but before I feel stuffed), not eating before I feel hungry, and taking leftovers from restaurants instead of trying to finish every meal.

Your body is designed to navigate the world for your brain and continue running efficiently over a lifetime. It communicates to your brain. It advises you. But, as with any advice you are given, it only works if you listen to it.