When Will We Be Food Again?

Humans have not been hunted in more than a century. What would happen if we suddenly had to fend for our lives like herd animals again? ********* Comedian Louis CK was referenced by The Reality Check (one of my favorite shows) for one of his bits about animal suffering. The show was paraphrasing what he said and

“Sooo… I’m About 75% Vegan After All!”

Veganism is not a weird religion or cult philosophy. It is just choosing what to eat at the next meal. ********* The title of this post was a kind-hearted comment to a FaceBook post. I shared a list of 100 Easy Vegan Foods to help people eat (a little) better (hat tip to Vegan.com for the list). The

How Efficient Can We Be?

The world's largest herbivores know a thing or two about being efficient. What can we learn from them? ********** Many of the world's largest animals are, surprisingly, herbivores (meaning their diet is almost entirely plants--the world's best vegans!). It is astounding to think that cows, elephants, and giraffes eat what most vegans eat but their bodies process

Space For Living

When in doubt, throw it out! ********* Part of simplifying my life means ridding myself of non-essential things I carry around that do not contribute value to my life. I tossed out my old journals along with a lot of bad poetry I have held onto since I was a kid. I did keep one or two

Indisposable Income

When everything is virtually free, what is actually valuable? ********* Giving nearly everything I own away has been an interesting experiment so far. It turns out much of the things I thought I valued are actually not that valuable to me or anyone else. Being a practicing minimalist (-ish), I have fewer possessions than most people I