No Pressure

Stress is relative but my life is not relative to yours. ********* Over the last few months Nicole and I have uprooted our lives, leaving everything behind in Grand Rapids, MI and moving to Tampa, FL. It has been an amazing adventure so far but not without obstacles and remarkable stress. In some ways, we are not

5 Fast Food Meals for Vegans

There is always an option. ********* Sometimes I have to travel for work or I am in an unfamiliar city with friends or just in a hurry and do not have time to make or buy a great, healthy, delicious vegan meal. I never suffer for food, though, even on the go. Here are 5 fast

5 Surprising Foods Vegans Don’t Have to Give Up!

Vegan does not mean never eating anything I know and love again. ********* PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), if you have not heard of them, is a vegan organization that is an embarrassment to many vegans because of their borderline insane views and extraordinarily misleading and outrageous marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, PETA remains the biggest

5 Common (Hidden) Animal Ingredients

We are what we eat. Maybe we should care a little more about both. ********* Here are 5 common animal-based ingredients I wish I knew about when I first went vegan. Unless you are a food scientist, you would not recognize the names without doing research. There are far too many secret animal ingredients to list (and

5 Super Easy Vegan Meals

[caption id=attachment_1557 align=aligncenter width=590][/caption] Priorities are different for each of us. If cooking is not your thing, but health is, create ways to have both!  ********* I think I am one of the laziest vegans in the world. I am always busy with work or other projects (like this blog and a new, upcoming one!) and

5 Super-Easy Ways to Be Vegan

Changing your life is scary, but your life is truly a matter of life or death. Making your life better does not have to be all or nothing and it does not have to happen all at once. Just take one step. Then another. Stumble. Try again. Remember, that worked for learning how to walk... ********* Friends and

Review: Daiya Vegan Cheesecake (New York Style)

  RATING: A (Michael: A / Nicole: A-)   WHAT:  Daiya New York Style plain vegan Cheesecake WHERE:  Whole Foods on North Dale Mabry (the one by Target, next to PetSmart), freezer section. Not sure if available at all three Tampa locations. PRICE:  $8.99 for 4 decent sized slices. The whole cheesecake is about 4-inches around, so a little less