It’s Easier Than You Think

The hardest part of walking is taking the first step.


Anything ever created that we can think of was impossible before it wasn’t. No one knew how to build a car until somebody tried and failed. The first two-story home (or hut) had to offer the terrifying aspect of walking across the just completed elevated floor, hoping no one fell through the ceiling of the room below. Then, the first 100-story building… how many two-story houses were built before someone tried to build toward the sky? The first plane, the first sports stadium, the first mp3, the first traffic system, etc… even the first person to adopt a fully vegan lifestyle… all those things were unimaginable for much more of human history than they were imaginable.

The thing is, somebody took the first step, probably knowing they would fail, maybe suspecting they would never even live long enough to see if their idea eve succeeded. But they did it. They said, “I don’t know what will come of this, exactly, but I will give it a try.”

What would the world look like if we all imagined what the unimaginable future looks like and then took the first step toward it?

(I know that is a paradox–that’s the point. No baby imagines a future where she can walk until she takes the first step.)