One Easy Way to Get Your Veggies!

Eat your veggies, however that works for you. ********* Nicole is spearheading a new experiment for us. We have begun ordering vegetables online. Every week we pay about $57 to have fresh, organic fruits and vegetables show up on our doorstep. (We are going through Tampa Bay Organics but there are many services that do this near

Oh What A Feeling…

It's okay to pay for the brand that understands you. ********* The Prius 4 is not a cheap car to our pocketbook, but Nicole and I just bought one each. Of course, we are spitefully cute because we have matching cars now and we are dirty hippies because we don't kill animals and we drive Priuses.

Don’t Worry About the Starving Kids In Africa

Throwing food out is not a crime. ********* Almond milk, it turns out, is not Nicole's favorite addition to a latte. She tried one today, and drank about half of it. She debated over throwing it out because it didn't taste great but it was not a cheap cup of coffee either. I understood. I often finish meals