How To Torment Vegans

Today's Lesson: With friends like these... ********* 10 Ways To Torture Your Vegan Friend: 1. Every time you see your vegan friend, ask how they are getting their protein. 2. Buy them Animal Crackers (animal crackers are vegan!). Whenever they eat one, look on in horror. 3. Or, open the box of Animal Crackers, bite the heads off all the

Beef-Eating Vegan

Today's Lesson: Know why you make your choices. ********* Imagine beef grown by cultivating live cow tissue, lab-grown but not fake meat, not cloned meat, real beef in every way. Even better, no animals were harmed in the making of this meat, and it is perfect beef--all the right enzymes and proteins, and the perfect amount

What Is Food?

Today's Lesson: What happens to any battery that is constantly overcharged? ********* Peter Diamandis is a BIG thinker with a rare ability to explain complex concepts in plain language. While answering a fan question on the Tim Ferriss show, he said something that struck me: Food is just a mechanism for turning sunlight energy into (biomechanical) energy. That

Why You’re Fat

Today's Lesson: Mmph. Can't typef. eating. ********* As I shoveled another forkful of Five Guys fries covered in vegan chili and Daiya cheese into my mouth and followed it with a drink of Squirt soda, which is basically carbonated sugar, I wondered why my pants felt so tight. I really try to convince myself I am active and physically

There Is No Goal

You will never reach your health goals, but keep trying. ********* I have been enjoying my Garmin Vivosmart fitness tracker. Well, mostly enjoying. Okay, maybe enjoying is too strong. Hating, I think, is the right word. I hate it. It is like having JK Simmons from Whiplash as a fitness coach. Every time I meet a goal,