REVIEW: Kite Hill Vegan Cheesecake


WHAT: Kite Hill Vegan Cheesecake

WHERE: Available only at Whole Foods (Ours was purchased at the Walter’s Crossing location on Dale Mabry).

PRICE: $6 for a small 4 oz. pie



Having been spoiled by amazing vegan cheesecake at places like Native Foods, the Chicago Diner, and home-made, it is exciting to have another option in Tampa (the other is Daiya’s cheesecake–see that review here). It is nice just to have options. It’s tough to complain… but we’re still going to.


For the money, we definitely vote for Daiya’s option, offering 14 ounces to Kite Hill’s 4 ounces of deliciousness for a paltry two dollars more. We were disappointed by the 1/4 inch or so of crust creating nearly half the dessert.

The taste was good. Graham Cracker crust. Kite Hill is one of the premier vegan cheese makers that actually make vegan cheese–not a vegan cheese replacement (like Daiya and others). Not surprisingly, then, the filling was decadent in texture–rich and creamy.

Kite Hill’s cheesecake has the light lemony zest of “normal” cheesecake but it was a bit denser. We would say it was more like super firm pudding than cheesecake.

Kite Hill, Back


Both the Daiya and Kite Hill desserts would be reasonably priced at half their list price, but if you want premium vegan pre-packaged junk food, then you are going to have to pony up. A lot.

In this case, Kite Hill’s Whole Foods exclusive was not bad, but we wouldn’t pay the same price to go back for seconds.

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