REVIEW: Mangia Gourmet (Restaurant)


WHAT: Mangia Gourmet restaurant

WHERE: Gulfport, FL (2930 Beach Boulevard S.)

PRICE: About $63 for two people (including tip and dessert)

ATMOSPHERE: Urban hippie. Cozy, small interior with generous, quiet outdoor seating with nice landscaping. This is a great place to meet with friends or have a pleasant meal.

HOW VEGAN IS IT?: Mangia is very vegan-friendly but also has non-vegan options so you can bring your omnivore friends, too, and everyone can find something.


Mangia has delicious vegan desserts and every meal we have had there has been delicious. The outdoor seating is nice. You can actually chat, appreciating the quaint downtown of Gulfport without blaring televised sports in every corner. This is a top-notch vegan friendly eatery.


The prices are a little over-the-top for some items, but quite reasonably for others, so maybe finding some middle-ground pricing. For example, on this occasion we had:

Coconut Kale Smoothie (16 oz) $5.50
Mulled Wine
Apricot Coconut Bar
Carrot Cake
3-Bean Chili (16 oz, $6.50)
Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms $14.95
White Bean Zucchini Burger $6.95

We didn’t catch the prices on the desserts but our total was $63, so give or take $5 each. We can say that $63 filled us up but we didn’t have to be rolled out of there. Take that for what you will.


We love Mangia. The food is delectable and always made with care. Their vegan desserts are fabulous and Gulfport is a cool little downtown area that is fun to walk. It’s nice that they have both vegan and non-vegan options so your “oh my God I can’t possibly try anything labeled vegan even though almost everything humans eat is already vegan” friends can find something to enjoy as well. Mangia shows up at vegan events, too, like VegFest and CL Veg-Out, so if Gulfport is a hike for you, try to catch them around Tampa.

It’s worth the drive, but prepare for it to be an expensive date (especially if there are drinks involved)!


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