REVIEW: Mellow Mushroom (Restaurant)


WHAT: Mellow Mushroom

WHERE: There are three locations in the area; 11955 Sheldon Rd, Tampa; 10959 Causeway Blvd, Brandon; and 2630 Gulf Bay Blvd, Clearwater. We have been to all three and as with most chain restaurants, the food is identical.

PRICE: About $50 for a 14-inch medium pizza with 5 toppings, a side of 3 pretzels (half order), an order of roasted potatoes and a mixed drink. We brought enough home with us to have another meal for two. If you drop the $8.50 mixed drink and the potatoes, you still have plenty of food for two, so our price is on the high side of what you might normally order.

ATMOSPHERE: Mellow has a fun atmosphere with a late 60’s hippie vibe. Each location has unique decor. Most locations also have a patio which we tend to enjoy.


They have vegan options on their menu, but they also have non-vegan options, so make sure you clarify with the wait staff.  Their staff seems to know what vegan is and how to modify things or will happily check to see if something can be modified.


They have several legitimate pizza options for vegans, including Daiya cheese as a topping, as well as both tofu and tempeh. Their pretzels are vegan if ordered without butter and now they have herb roasted potatoes as an appetizer as well. You can also have them modify the bruschetta without much fuss. Just ask for it vegan. Aside from pizza, you can order calzones. The pretzels are always a win. Served fresh and warm, we order them plain with a side of red sauce and mustard for dipping.


The potatoes, at least on this outing, were dry and not very flavorful. Nicole liked them. Michael wouldn’t recommend them but they weren’t bad. Stay away from the new veggie burger. It is verified not vegan by the company, which is a disheartening turn for an otherwise generally vegan-friendly chain.


Mellow Mushroom is one of the chain restaurants that supports vegans. While we don’t always like chain restaurants, this one seems to be in the rotation often. In our opinion, the price is reasonable for the amount of food you get and it is a fun atmosphere.


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