WHATCommunity Cafe

WHERE: 2444 Central Ave, St. Petersburg

PRICE: About $50 for two, including tip. We had a big meal that included french toast, two tofu scramble burritos, beer, kombucha, and a milkshake. You could definitely get away with ordering less and leave full, but we wanted to indulge a little.


Community Cafe is very vegan-friendly. There are options for both meatheads and veg-heads, but there are plenty of clearly labeled vegan choices in every category.


Artsy urban featuring local art.  Clean interior with board games and scrapbooking to keep you busy.


Great vegan options, including desserts! Local beer options (no draft). Great hours–open late! Regular events like a Tuesday game night, social group gatherings. Friendly staff. LGBT friendly, too, if that’s your thing.


A little pricey, not outrageous, though, considering what we got. I think the amount of food received for the price is a bit lacking, but the food is delicious. Minimal outdoor seating. The Oreo milkshake was a little runny for my taste. Not bad, but no Ethos.


Community Cafe is one of our favorites.  We don’t get there often because it is out of the way for us.  The portion sizes could also be a little bigger, but there are lots of vegan options including desserts, so we give it an A.

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