WHAT: Falafel Inn Mediterranean Grill

WHERE: 777 N. Ashley Dr., Suite B, Downtown Tampa

PRICE: Under $30 for a large taboule, two falafel sandwiches, a Pepsi and a bottle of water. Just enough for a lite-ish meal before a little Yoga in the Park.

Falafel Inn Wrap


As with most Mediterranean restaurants, there are several vegan options. Falafel Inn may have slightly fewer options than others, but it is still more than most chain restaurants.


The atmosphere is upscale yet casual. We call this combination “Downtown Chic”.  The furniture and decor are modern and upscale.  The chairs were white with nice clean lines.  The decoration was simple but elegant.  When you walk in there is a counter which I mistook for a hostess stand but is actually where you order and when the food was delivered, the plates and table ware was disposable. You clean the table.


There are several good things about this place. It was clean with a good amount of outdoor seating. Portion sizes are decent, and the Falafel Sandwich was packed pretty good with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, and tahini– not just patty and sauce like some places.


Overall this was a nice place and we had a nice experience, but to have a thorough review, we have to add a few things. There was a TV playing sports on the wall.  We prefer the quieter setting with no distractions of TVs. The grape leaves are not vegan.  Grape leaves are one of my favorites (this is Nicole) so it is a bad thing when they are not an option. The Taboule tasted good but it was not the freshest. They probably made it the day before or early that morning so not “old” but not being chopped while we waited, either. On the front door was a “Restrooms are for customers only” sign which is a pet peeve of Michael’s. Bad marketing. Why alienate a potential customer?


Falafel Inn Mediterranean Grill was good and we would go back. We probably wouldn’t go Downtown just for them, though, dealing with traffic and parking, but if we find ourselves Downtown and hungry, we would visit again.


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