Support Local, but also Support National

Don’t buy your vegan products from Target because you can find better quality products for just a couple dollars more at your local market or store.

Don’t support big chains like Starbucks or Chipotle because there are local farmers and restaurants offering great vegan food right here in town!

Except when there isn’t. Except when you are traveling to another town. Except when you want convenience or just to save a couple dollars once in a while.

There is such a huge push to support local businesses now that we often forget why we like big chains in the first place. Before you barrage us with emails, comments, or FaceBook posts, we know big corporations are evil, tax breaks, Starbucks is the devil, etc.  Really, we do. We read Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston and we saw The Corporation.

All things being equal, we always favor local and ethically run businesses. We also go on vacation and travel once in a while. Knowing we can find a Starbucks and grab a soy latte without doing a half-hour of research, visiting websites, calling for hours, looking up menus, and reading reviews helps our vacation remain a vacation instead of a research project. It is great finding local niche restaurants (it is actually one of our favorite things to do) but just grabbing some tasty Sofritas at Chipotle and moving on is pretty good, too.

In a foreign land, having the dependability of quality and a menu you know can be a comfort in itself for some people.

Supporting local does not have to mean condemning national. Big box retailers certainly should change for the better but they still have a place in the world. Maybe just not as big a one.

Why not favor local, but support both?

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