Earlier this month, Michael and I had the opportunity to go on vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun with non-vegans.  This was my first all-inclusive vacation and I did not know what to expect. Of course, I was worried about the food options. I wanted to share my experience and some of the lessons

Stop People Abuse!

Vegans hate animal cruelty. Like, really hate it. It is probably the number one reason most vegans become vegan--because they watched an internet video, or saw a documentary, or read a book detailing the many follies of factory farming. In protest of animal cruelty and protection of animal rights, some of us begin the very

But What KIND of Vegan?

You eat honey! You're not vegan. We've heard that before. Vegans debate if honey qualifies as being vegan. After all, honey comes from bees, and bees are animals, and vegans do not consume or wear anything that is, or comes from, animals. There is debate whether bees have rights and if eating honey is contributing to speciesism