RATING: B- WHAT: Square 1 Burger Bar WHERE: Square 1 Burgers & Bar approximately ten locations throughout Florida.  This review was based on our experience at 3701 Henderson Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33609. PRICE: $44 for 2 burgers with fries, 1 Pepsi, 1 craft beer, and a cup of coffee ATMOSPHERE: Casual, animal-centric (cow print couches, antler horn chandeliers, etc., but the patio

Oh, You’re Vegan?

For several years after I chose a vegan lifestyle, I went out of my way to hide my aversion for eating or wearing animal products from strangers. When I would meet work friends at lunch, for example, I would order food nonchalantly, explaining as little as possible. I'll have a veggie sub, toasted, no cheese.


RATING: A- WHAT: Ethiopian Restaurant WHERE: 3636 Henderson Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609 PRICE: $48.66 for two, including tip. We had the Vegetarian Combo #2 (6 sample items, $13 per person), a tomato salad appetizer (highly recommend), and 2 hot teas. ATMOSPHERE: Traditional Ethiopian themed. The interior is dark brown, dimly lit (romantically lit, maybe?), and the decor is simple,

How Do I Go Vegan?

I think the only thing that's keeping me from being vegan is not knowing how! Somebody said this to me (Michael) recently and I am sure I said something like that when I first committed myself to an animal-free lifestyle and diet. After being vegan for nearly two decades now, I can offer five simple tips