WHAT: Square 1 Burger Bar

WHERE: Square 1 Burgers & Bar approximately ten locations throughout Florida.  This review was based on our experience at 3701 Henderson Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33609.

PRICE: $44 for 2 burgers with fries, 1 Pepsi, 1 craft beer, and a cup of coffee

Casual, animal-centric (cow print couches, antler horn chandeliers, etc., but the patio is free of that nonsense), outdoor seating that is dog-friendly

Meh. They have one vegan option but it is a great option if you have to go somewhere with non-veg friends.

The “Very Vegan Veggie Burger” is the only vegan entrée on the menu, but it is house made and delicious. As far as vegan options go, this is one of the best burgers a vegan can find in Tampa. Since Square 1 definitely does NOT cater to vegans, it is nice that they have an option at all, and especially nice that it is a good option. They have several locations and all of them serve the Very Vegan Veggie Burger.

The patio is even a nice choice on a drizzly day.  It provides enough protection from the rain as long as it isn’t blowing too hard.

As with any restaurant that serves non-vegan food but also claims to have something vegan, you take your chances. Just because the burger is called “vegan” does not mean the bun is vegan (it probably isn’t). The fries, if you order them, are likely cooked in the same grease as the chicken tenders, cheese poppers, fish sticks, or anything else fried. The oil may not even be vegan (but it probably is–we didn’t ask, but most restaurants of this scale use vegetable oil).

The restaurant decor and marketing is VERY cow-centric. It is surprising some place so clearly anti-vegan has such a good vegan option.

Square 1 isn’t on our short list of vegan faves, but if we wanted to grab a beer with coworkers or entertain (non-veg) friends or family, it’s not a bad pick. And we appreciate that they even thought of us.



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