3 Principles for Living Better (Pt 1- Bath Time)

Being vegan, for Nicole and I, is about much more than food. It's about living better. For us, that means embracing minimalism, living peacefully, and doing more things instead of having more things. The truth is, we struggle with all of those things, at times, but we grow closer to living the way we


RATING: B+ WHAT: Thai Island Restaurant WHERE: 210 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606 PRICE: $56.00 for two, including tip. We had the Corn Fritter, Thai Spring Roll, Tom Yum Soup with vegetables, Red Curry with vegetables and tofu, and Pad Pak with tofu.       ATMOSPHERE: We sat on the patio and did not go inside so it is hard to give

Why I Left Social Media Behind

This is not a vegan-related post, but we thought it was relevant to share on this blog, since some of you follow us on social media, and Michael runs half of it, which will definitely affect our presence there. Also, it might give you some pause to consider your own social media consumption, which


RATING: B+ WHAT: Lotus Vegan Restaurant is a 100% Vegan Restaurant, mostly Vietnamese dishes with some American ones WHERE: 6575 Park Boulevard, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 PRICE: $40.00 for two, including tip. We had the Crispy Cha-Cha appetizer, Curry Rice with BBQ, Lemongrass Tofu, and a Cheesecake. Cheesecake is Michael's favorite and he started eating it before I could get