WHAT: Lotus Vegan Restaurant is a 100% Vegan Restaurant, mostly Vietnamese dishes with some American ones

WHERE: 6575 Park Boulevard, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

PRICE: $40.00 for two, including tip. We had the Crispy Cha-Cha appetizer, Curry Rice with BBQ, Lemongrass Tofu, and a Cheesecake. Cheesecake is Michael’s favorite and he started eating it before I could get a picture.

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The atmosphere was simple. There was one lotus picture hanging on the wall, a few signs like “Open”, “Please Come Again”, and a sign about the buffet that we were too early for. White table cloths. Nothing fancy. It felt a little outdated but clean.


Did I mention it is 100% vegan?  It is such a treat to go and order anything off the menu without worrying about the ingredients or customizing to avoid cheese or fish sauce or cream, etc.  It is definitely a treat we don’t get often enough.  The food was very tasty and homemade.  Some restaurants seem to just buy vegan food and warm it up, but that was not the case with anything we had, including the cheesecake. The restaurant wasn’t very busy (we went around 2:00pm on a Saturday) and there was not a long wait for our food.

The owner took a genuine interest in us and how long we have been vegan.  She chatted with every table about this. Portion sizes seemed good for the price.  There was some food left over, but not enough to take home for another meal.

They were out of Carrot Cake.  This is my favorite dessert and I was looking forward to it, especially with their food being so good.

Besides that, there were too many options that sounded so tasty and we couldn’t try everything. We were a few hours before the buffet and we actually had the conversation about just getting an appetizer and going to a park for a few hours just so we could try more of their options.

There is also no outdoor seating.

We were happy to find this restaurant, but we are usually happy to find anything that is 100% vegan.  It was well worth the drive and definitely we’ll be returning to try more of their menu items.


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