WHAT: Thai Island Restaurant

WHERE: 210 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

PRICE: $56.00 for two, including tip. We had the Corn Fritter, Thai Spring Roll, Tom Yum Soup with vegetables, Red Curry with vegetables and tofu, and Pad Pak with tofu.

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We sat on the patio and did not go inside so it is hard to give a good review on the atmosphere. The patio had ample seating.  It faced the street which had some pedestrian traffic and minimal auto traffic.

This is a Thai restaurant with some vegan options. Vegan items are not identified on the menu but they do mention having vegan items on their website. Our server was knowledgeable about what “vegan” is and assisted us with our menu choices.


The food is very tasty at Thai Island! Portion sizes are good and the prices are reasonable for the portions. They actually had options for vegan desserts! Michael thought the Mango Sticky Rice was out of this world!

With international cuisine, I worry about the language barrier but our server’s accent was minimal. He was also a very good server. I ordered water without ice because I don’t typically like cold beverages and it is a pet peeve of mine to have my water refilled with the iced water pitcher. This wonderful server brought the water carafe and then realized it was cold, so he went and got us one at room temperature without my even having to ask for it.

The menus themselves were unique.  They had wood covers with little delicate hinges on them. The whole experience definitely left a good impression.


No indication on the menu of which items are vegan, or can be made vegan. It was nice that the Thai Island website mentions some vegan items but actually having them noted on the menu would be great.


We found this gem of a restaurant with a Google search for “vegan Thai in Tampa”. Davis Island has a quaint downtown with several local shops we will go back and visit including other restaurants with vegan options! There was live music being played at a restaurant across the street which was nice for us–not too loud from our vantage point, and good talent. We will definitely return to Thai Island!


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