The Impossible Burger

We tried The Impossible Burger!

We were able to order one at Daily Eats and, wow, it tastes just like a real, bona-fide, meat-based burger. It was such a weird taste and feeling considering I haven’t had a meat burger in more than 2 decades! Here’s the bottom-line review:
The taste is close enough to be confidently called, “perfect”. This IS a burger. I ordered mine medium-well and you can see the pink in the middle–looks like blood, but isn’t… It was hard to wrap my mind around it.
The texture is so close, only a discerning burger lover could tell the difference. To me, it tasted just slightly mushy (just a little), like the center was maybe closer to a pate than a normal fatty burger. It had a slightly more salty taste than I remember burgers having, too, but it’s so close you could only tell if you were looking for it.
The only bummer is that it can only be found in Tampa at the Ciccio’s chain of restaurants (Ciccio’s, Ciccio Water, Ciccio Cali, Green Lemon, The Lodge, Daily Eats… all of them except Fresh Kitchen). Unfortunately and bizarrely, the Ciccio chain is super NOT vegan-friendly (although the owner made an open request on the news for vegans and vegetarians to come and try it–so…maybe let them know you heard him).
I had to order the burger without the mustard aioli and, of course, no cheese… and take your chances if the bun is vegan, but almost certainly not (just FYI). Too bad all their chains suck for vegans, but at least we gave it a shot. And, hey, thanks just the same, Daily Eats. How about a slice of Daiya or Chao cheese to top that burger for your patrons who are sometimes stuck hanging out with their vegan hipster friends?
To think what real vegan-friendly restaurants could do with this amazing plant-based meat is mind-blowing. A Love Food Central Impossible Burger? Oh yes. Or Cider Press, or even Square 1 or Evos, anyone but Ciccio’s basically… could make a vegan killing (no pun intended there, really).
Nonetheless, The Impossible Burger is a game changer! Grade: solid A if you miss the taste and texture of a real burger, or if you are a meat-eater who wants the same food but at a lower cost to lives and the environment. Try the Impossible!
Want to know more about The Impossible Burger? Here is a video and article featuring Jeff Gigante, co-founder of Ciccio’s restaurant group explaining what it is, what makes it tastes like an actual burger, and why it is better, even for meat-eaters!

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