We are a couple vegans who moved to Tampa from Grand Rapids, Michigan and are sharing our adventures in Florida (and a few other places), uncovering the gems and duds in vegan fare. We are not militant veg-heads. We just love food and being healthy and want to help others interested in living the good life do the same.

We hope to share with you all of the great vegan treasures we find. We will post about our lifestyle of simple living, living better, making better choices, reviews of vegan options, and other vegan stuff.

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More About Michael

I have been vegan for over 15 years and now I am the “go-to person” for healthy food advice or vegan input among friends and family. I write on Leadership, Veganism, and Life-Coaching with over seven years of blogging experience.  I like to be active (but I don’t like “exercise”). I walk, bike, paddle board and love exploring, which makes Tampa pretty much the perfect place to live for me!


More About Nicole

I am newer to the vegan lifestyle (vegan since 2013) but have always been a healthy eater and conscious of what I expose my body to. I do not mind cooking great vegan food as long as the meal is quick and easy. I try to keep my recipes, and my life, simple. My passion for teaching yoga led me to achieve my 500 hour certification in yoga training but I mainly focus on my personal practice. If I am not inside, I am probably on a paddle board or exploring the city!


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