Breakfast for Dinner?!?

Want to have more time to enjoy your evening? This is what we are doing and it is working! ********* We work hard. We have hobbies. We have chores. We chase passions. We try to always improve ourselves. In short, like you, we are busy. Even though we have no TV, no video games, not even

The Joys of Being Chubby

Being overweight isn't ALL bad. ********* Even being vegan and active, I would not classify myself as a health nut, and like many people I struggle with weight. I usually carry an extra pesky 20-30 pounds that do no good for my physical health or self-esteem. Also, like many people, I have a mostly sedentary career

What Is Food?

Today's Lesson: What happens to any battery that is constantly overcharged? ********* Peter Diamandis is a BIG thinker with a rare ability to explain complex concepts in plain language. While answering a fan question on the Tim Ferriss show, he said something that struck me: Food is just a mechanism for turning sunlight energy into (biomechanical) energy. That

Why You’re Fat

Today's Lesson: Mmph. Can't typef. eating. ********* As I shoveled another forkful of Five Guys fries covered in vegan chili and Daiya cheese into my mouth and followed it with a drink of Squirt soda, which is basically carbonated sugar, I wondered why my pants felt so tight. I really try to convince myself I am active and physically

There Is No Goal

You will never reach your health goals, but keep trying. ********* I have been enjoying my Garmin Vivosmart fitness tracker. Well, mostly enjoying. Okay, maybe enjoying is too strong. Hating, I think, is the right word. I hate it. It is like having JK Simmons from Whiplash as a fitness coach. Every time I meet a goal,

My Vitamin Regimen

Eat your veggies (but still take a vitamin). ********* As a long-time vegan (I do not eat or wear anything that comes from another animal), I am often asked how I get my... well, choose your vitamin: protein, Vitamin D, B-vitamins, Iron, etc... I like to keep my life simple and that includes my vitamin regimen. Here

One Easy Way to Get Your Veggies!

Eat your veggies, however that works for you. ********* Nicole is spearheading a new experiment for us. We have begun ordering vegetables online. Every week we pay about $57 to have fresh, organic fruits and vegetables show up on our doorstep. (We are going through Tampa Bay Organics but there are many services that do this near