The Joys of Being Chubby

Being overweight isn't ALL bad. ********* Even being vegan and active, I would not classify myself as a health nut, and like many people I struggle with weight. I usually carry an extra pesky 20-30 pounds that do no good for my physical health or self-esteem. Also, like many people, I have a mostly sedentary career

Why You’re Fat

Today's Lesson: Mmph. Can't typef. eating. ********* As I shoveled another forkful of Five Guys fries covered in vegan chili and Daiya cheese into my mouth and followed it with a drink of Squirt soda, which is basically carbonated sugar, I wondered why my pants felt so tight. I really try to convince myself I am active and physically

3 Ways To Live Better: Eat More Plants.

This week, there is a theme: my 5 favorite tips that have worked for me in living a better life. Maybe one will help you, too… ********* Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of being active. A rock is a machine that is designed to sit. A rock has one function--not to move. It has no parts that can contract

Food Boobs

I'm thinking about changing my blog title from simply my name to Sexy Celebrity Who Knows Everything You Can't Figure Out For Yourself. What do you think? ********* If you are at all interested in the debate over healthy eating, then you have probably heard of the Food Babe. She is the latest in a long line

How to Listen to Your Body

How do you know if you should eat one more bite of that pie or push yourself for one more rep with the barbells? ********* Many of us struggle with knowing when too much is too much, whether it is with our eating habits, exercise habits, or even sexual habits. I think for many of us

The 5-Ingredient Meal

Use this trick to simplify your at-home meals... ********* I enjoy thinking of new ways to embrace minimalism and live a simpler yet more robust life. Something Nicole and I have been trying lately and having some success with is 5-Ingredient meals. I like to cook but I do not have much patience for the prep work and


I looked at the scale and could barely believe my eyes. I lost 53 lbs the year I made the switch from vegetarian to vegan. At first, I thought it was great but then I started to worry. I didn't know if, or when, the weight loss would stop and, frankly, it was getting