Don’t Worry About the Starving Kids In Africa

Throwing food out is not a crime. ********* Almond milk, it turns out, is not Nicole's favorite addition to a latte. She tried one today, and drank about half of it. She debated over throwing it out because it didn't taste great but it was not a cheap cup of coffee either. I understood. I often finish meals

How to Listen to Your Body

How do you know if you should eat one more bite of that pie or push yourself for one more rep with the barbells? ********* Many of us struggle with knowing when too much is too much, whether it is with our eating habits, exercise habits, or even sexual habits. I think for many of us

Eating Out Versus Eating In

I have learned many times that when you are single or a couple, there is not much difference in cost between eating out every night or staying in and making your own meals. ********* Eating out is expensive, especially for families. For single people and couples, however, it is sometimes the lesser of two evils. The problem

Now We’re Cooking!

Part of my family is very traditional--the women do the cooking, child-rearing, and cleaning (and they work full-time jobs) while the men sit around and… I don't know, watch news or yell at each other, mostly. ********* Anyway, I hate cooking. I'm proficient at it; I can make a good meal; I just don't like the

The Vegan Alternative

I consider myself a bit of a food adventurer. I love to try new tastes, explore spices, and experiment with recipes. I will travel every niche of a city to find vegan gems (the best restaurants are almost always hidden). ********* Eating no animal products forces me to find new, delicious foods that, before, I would