The Impossible Burger

We tried The Impossible Burger! We were able to order one at Daily Eats and, wow, it tastes just like a real, bona-fide, meat-based burger. It was such a weird taste and feeling considering I haven't had a meat burger in more than 2 decades! Here's the bottom-line review: The taste is close


RATING: B- WHAT: Square 1 Burger Bar WHERE: Square 1 Burgers & Bar approximately ten locations throughout Florida.  This review was based on our experience at 3701 Henderson Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33609. PRICE: $44 for 2 burgers with fries, 1 Pepsi, 1 craft beer, and a cup of coffee ATMOSPHERE: Casual, animal-centric (cow print couches, antler horn chandeliers, etc., but the patio


RATING: B- WHAT: Thai Terrace WHERE: 2055 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa PRICE: Around $50 which includes a Singha Beer, 2 egg rolls (not made with eggs--vegan), veggie coconut milk soup, tofu Tom Yum soup, veggie Pineapple Lake Curry (originally Pad Thai but the sauce had a fish base), and Veggie Red Curry.              

What Is Food?

Today's Lesson: What happens to any battery that is constantly overcharged? ********* Peter Diamandis is a BIG thinker with a rare ability to explain complex concepts in plain language. While answering a fan question on the Tim Ferriss show, he said something that struck me: Food is just a mechanism for turning sunlight energy into (biomechanical) energy. That

One Easy Way to Get Your Veggies!

Eat your veggies, however that works for you. ********* Nicole is spearheading a new experiment for us. We have begun ordering vegetables online. Every week we pay about $57 to have fresh, organic fruits and vegetables show up on our doorstep. (We are going through Tampa Bay Organics but there are many services that do this near

Don’t Worry About the Starving Kids In Africa

Throwing food out is not a crime. ********* Almond milk, it turns out, is not Nicole's favorite addition to a latte. She tried one today, and drank about half of it. She debated over throwing it out because it didn't taste great but it was not a cheap cup of coffee either. I understood. I often finish meals

5 Surprising Foods Vegans Don’t Have to Give Up!

Vegan does not mean never eating anything I know and love again. ********* PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), if you have not heard of them, is a vegan organization that is an embarrassment to many vegans because of their borderline insane views and extraordinarily misleading and outrageous marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, PETA remains the biggest