Un-Processing Your Food

As part of our move to a healthier (and simpler) lifestyle, we are working on removing processed foods from our diet. ***** Being vegan means we consume and wear nothing that is or comes from any other animal, but being vegan does not necessarily mean we are healthy. There is plenty of vegan junk food and highly processed

Beef-Eating Vegan

Today's Lesson: Know why you make your choices. ********* Imagine beef grown by cultivating live cow tissue, lab-grown but not fake meat, not cloned meat, real beef in every way. Even better, no animals were harmed in the making of this meat, and it is perfect beef--all the right enzymes and proteins, and the perfect amount

Food Boobs

  I'm thinking about changing my blog title from simply my name to Sexy Celebrity Who Knows Everything You Can't Figure Out For Yourself. What do you think? *** If you are at all interested in the debate over healthy eating, then you have probably heard of the Food Babe. She is the latest in a long line

How Can We Fight For Real Food?

How can we stand against a genetically modified industrial and political food complex? ********* I posted a snarky comment on FaceBook that sparked discussion about how to fight for real food. My friend Sharon was kind enough to ask what I think we can do about the situation. Here is what I think: There are lots of