How To Find Out If You Are A Bully

Before you get mad about bullies, you might want to take a look in the mirror. ***** Rainee (my cat) has a habit--no, a ritual--of annoying me every night between 3:00 and 4:30am. She paws my face, walks across my body, and licks my ear lobes and eyelids until I give her attention. When she uses

How Efficient Can We Be?

The world's largest herbivores know a thing or two about being efficient. What can we learn from them? ********** Many of the world's largest animals are, surprisingly, herbivores (meaning their diet is almost entirely plants--the world's best vegans!). It is astounding to think that cows, elephants, and giraffes eat what most vegans eat but their bodies process

Living An Experimental Life

I'm fond of saying something I swiped from one of my favorite thought leaders, Seth Godin: Fail big or fail often. I tell my team members I don't care which one they choose, but if they are not failing then they are not pushing themselves hard enough to find their limits. They are only

Today’s Lesson: Front Load Washers

You wake each morning with a finite amount of energy to spend, just like you have limited funds in your checking account. How can you generate the maximum return on your time investment? ********* Anyone who has read this blog long enough knows I love being healthy and, also, I hate exercising for the sake of

Today’s Lesson: Goals Are Dumb.

I was mad, depressed, and frustrated. 3 of my 4 teams missed their goals and I did not know what else I could do to help us all move forward. ********* One of the best lessons I have learned this year is that goal-setting is a terribly inefficient way to actually reach goals. Most of my