Breakfast for Dinner?!?

Want to have more time to enjoy your evening? This is what we are doing and it is working! ********* We work hard. We have hobbies. We have chores. We chase passions. We try to always improve ourselves. In short, like you, we are busy. Even though we have no TV, no video games, not even

5 Super Easy Vegan Meals

[caption id=attachment_1557 align=aligncenter width=590][/caption] Priorities are different for each of us. If cooking is not your thing, but health is, create ways to have both!  ********* I think I am one of the laziest vegans in the world. I am always busy with work or other projects (like this blog and a new, upcoming one!) and

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Why are my Rice Krispies Treats so damn good?!? ********* I make awesome Rice Krispies Treats. I liked their marshmallow-y goodness and crunchy cereal taste as a kid but as an adult I have an even deeper affinity for them. Being vegan, I have to improvise ingredients, obviously, and perhaps surprisingly, my treats are even better

The 5-Ingredient Meal

Use this trick to simplify your at-home meals... ********* I enjoy thinking of new ways to embrace minimalism and live a simpler yet more robust life. Something Nicole and I have been trying lately and having some success with is 5-Ingredient meals. I like to cook but I do not have much patience for the prep work and