Why Should I Care About Eating Animals?

There are many ways people justify eating other animals and there is much misinformation around being vegan. It is sometimes difficult to wade through the morass of harmful perceptions, but today I will try, and try to do it concisely... ********* I attempt to cut through the clutter of poor thinking and challenge conventional, broadly accepted ideas (the tagline

Why I Went Vegan

There is a documentary being made about how regular vegans live regular lives and why they decided to stop eating animals and animal products in the first place. I shared my story with them and I thought the vegans (or veg-curious) people I know might like to hear it, too... ***** I became vegan mainly for

5 Ways To Live Better: Live For You

This week, I have a theme: 5 tips that have helped me live better. I hope one helps you live better, too… ********* I have covered the importance of curiosity, eating more plants, being active, and having great integrity.  Always keep your word (even to yourself), live an active life (with or without exercise), eat more plants than animals, and