There Is No Goal

You will never reach your health goals, but keep trying. ********* I have been enjoying my Garmin Vivosmart fitness tracker. Well, mostly enjoying. Okay, maybe enjoying is too strong. Hating, I think, is the right word. I hate it. It is like having JK Simmons from Whiplash as a fitness coach. Every time I meet a goal,

A Long Walk

As the weather winds down for winter in Michigan, there are fewer days to enjoy a nice, warm walk on a sunny day. But what is a walk all about? ********* Personally, I do not like exercise for the sake of exercising, so it is very unlikely you will ever catch me in a gym, but


I looked at the scale and could barely believe my eyes. I lost 53 lbs the year I made the switch from vegetarian to vegan. At first, I thought it was great but then I started to worry. I didn't know if, or when, the weight loss would stop and, frankly, it was getting