Commitment Anxiety?

I struggle with making time to exercise. Here is what I do to keep at it...  ********* Some people love exercise. It puts them in a zone, makes them happy, or helps them alleviate stress. For me, exercise does not that. I don't like it. For me, it is time-consuming, mindless, and boring. I would rather

The Sound of Silence

How loud is your life? Consider the beauty of a quiet moment. Then consider how quiet it actually is… ********* Nicole went on a 5-day silent retreat. Other than functional talking (speaking if you have to provide instruction or alarm), there was no speaking at all. No electronic communication was allowed. The place was in the

A Long Walk

As the weather winds down for winter in Michigan, there are fewer days to enjoy a nice, warm walk on a sunny day. But what is a walk all about? ********* Personally, I do not like exercise for the sake of exercising, so it is very unlikely you will ever catch me in a gym, but